About us

Who we are ?

We are a villa rental company based in Thessaloniki, Greece. Our main goal is to offer you the best villas, houses, apartments and maisonettes Greece has to offer.

How all started?

It all started a few years ago when we decided to rent out our own summer house. A couple of years after, being tired from having our holidays in the same place annually, we decided to travel somewhere else in Greece for summer vacations. Searching for the right accommodation for us to stay, we found out that there are many booking sites on the web but none of them gave us what we were looking for.

Each traveler, like us, is always looking for the same thing: the best accommodation, in the perfect location, with the best services, the best rental conditions and for the best price. Today, having personally visited all the accommodation we offer for rent, we can guarantee you that on our website you’ll find only the best deals for villa rentals.

Why we are unique?

Being travelers ourselves, we instinctively search for the best accommodation for our clients and reject those that do not meet our high standards. All the residences you’ll come across on our website are carefully selected for their good location, price and condition. We always visit all the villas, houses, apartments and maisonettes to check them before listing them on our website, thus we can ensure you that they will meet all your expectations like they did with our!

What we actually do?

Summer vacations are probably the most important time of the year. It is those precious moments when we are free of most responsibilities and recharge for winter, that favourite period when we feel lighthearted, happy and enjoy every minitue.

We, at anelko.com, are just your insider connection to find the perfect place for you and you family to host your precious summer vacations and make sure that everything is ok.