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Lefkada, one of the beautiful Ionian Islands, has vivid tourist areas, villages that maintain pace and occupations of the past, sites of historical interest, rich flora and enviable beaches. Impressive is also the surrounding seabed. The morphology of it fascinates divers of all levels and includes walls, ravines, hollows, caves, Mediterranean temperate reefs rich in marine biodiversity. The island has been included in the NATURA 2000 network as a protected area. It can be accessed by road from the neighboring Aitoloakarnania. The history, culture, natural beauty, gastronomy and hospitable people make Lefkada a beloved holiday destination.

Excavations have revealed culture samples from the Paleolithic era on the island along with finds from the Bronze Age (2000 BC). From its lands passed Turks, Venetians, French and British, leaving evidence of their civilization to infrastructure and lifestyle of the island. Thus was created the unique mosaic of Lefkada culture, different from the rest Ionian Islands.

The art has an important place in the hearts of people here. First Lefkada introduced the institution of Literature and Art Festival in 1955 and the International Folklore Festival in 1962, that are organized every August. Both institutions count dozens of excellent moments with superior the appearance of Maria Callas in ’64, and constitute two of the oldest cultural institutions in Greece.

In the most famous island attractions are included the Venetian Castle of Santa Maura and the churches, temples and the marina of Lefkada town, which is considered from the largest and most organized in the Mediterranean. On the beach of Gyra are preserved four traditional windmills. The world-famous attractions of Lefkada are its several spectacular beaches with most known the beaches Egremni and Porto Katsiki.

Lefkada is a favorite destination for water sports lovers. Many of the beaches are suitable for such activities. The beach of Agios Ioannis is a destination for kitesurfing. Here are organized every year official matches with the participation of athletes from around the world while at the Gulf of Vasiliki is organized the Surf Festival. Both of the beaches are among the three most suitable in Europe and in the top ten in the world for such extreme sports. Other activities available on the island are diving, water skiing, paragliding, hiking-climbing and mountain biking.

The island has a strong culinary identity, analogous to the spiritual and folk traditions. There are many special dishes that you can taste on the island, especially if you visit the villages where authenticity has been preserved.

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